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The word Cheaha comes from the Creek Indian word “Chaha”, or “high place”. Appropriately, it is the moniker of the highest elevation in the State of Alabama. As we sought a name that best represented our ambition to pursue excellence and create value-adding partnerships, with the goal of high achievement in aviation ownership and management, it had to be Cheaha Aviation Partners. Cheaha is a collection of people who understand what it means to be in a “high place”, a place of peerless accomplishment and professionalism.

Cheaha Aviation


We are, uniquely, a group founded on the principles of our past experiences in Naval aviation. Almost every member of our team served and retired from a career as either a Naval aviator or aircrewman, from different communities, and parleyed that experience to the business aviation realm. In our transition from the military, we each went to every sector of the business aviation industry: OEM; large (and small) flight departments in support of high net worth individuals; DoD contractors, and private corporate entities. We have touched every part of the spectrum and bring a wealth of knowledge to bear on whatever needs your organization has.


We chose the word “partners” intentionally. Together, we evaluate your aircraft ownership requirements and: establish objectives that are well-aligned with your needs; closely collaborate to implement value-adding solutions; and stay with you through the lifecycle of your operation, or until we have achieved the objectives outlined in our engagement. Our uncompromising focus on professionalism is the beacon that guides us and we use our resources to develop solutions that are safe, mission-focused, efficient and scalable.

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